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  • Open To All Skaters of Every Level

Admission to the Oz Roller Derby is open to all levels of skating.  Oz Roller Girls is designed to handle skaters who have little to no experience through mid level skating.  If you already know the game and skate at a higher level, you may want to try out for the Oz Revolution team which is for skaters level 3+.

  • No Mandatory Committee Participation

It is not necessary to serve on a committee to be able to be a member. However, should you desire to serve your league, step up and say so! We would love and appreciate your help in keeping the league functioning properly.

  • Monthly Dues

Oz RollerGirls:  $25.00 per month.  Oz Revolution:  $25.00 per month on a sliding scale to zero.  If serving as a committee chairperson (on Mangement Team) dues will be suspended for your term of service. 




  • Compete Under USARS and WFTDA Rules

This past spring, the US Rollersports Association (USARS) issued a ruleset which leads to more competitive games when compared to other flat-track roller derby rulesets. Some of the new features include switching lead jammer status based on which jammer is actually in the lead and releasing a 'stalled' jam after 30 seconds to avoid "let's stand around and do nothing" jams, to list a couple.  Oz Revolution will be competing under USARS and WFTDA rules. We also want to stay current with WFTDA and the Oz Roller Girls will play exclusively by those rules.

  • Focus on Athleticism & Teamwork

Members of this league must have their focus correct with respect to 'why' they play derby. If you want a league of drinking buddies or skaters going to practice just to get away from the kids, this is not the league for you. But if you are dedicated to being a good athlete, a tough competitor, carrying your weight on the team and putting in 110% effort, then Oz Roller Derby just might be the place for you.

  • Focus on Competitive Derby Action

Derby fans watch derby for the excitement of skaters competing agressively against each other.  Derby fans deserve highly competetive action at public events.  We are striving to make it worth coming out to watch.




  • Experienced Business & Training Staff

The league's General Manager, Victoria Usherwood Gailinas (aka Wicked Evil Step Mom), brings her experience of creating and growing three other women's flat-track roller derby leagues (MVRG, MRRD, OZRG and now OzRD) from idea to self-sustaining organization. On the training side, the league's Head Coach Phil Gailinas (aka Flyin Phil) has led over 500 training sessions for skaters of numerous female flat-track roller derby leagues.

  • Enforced No-Drama Policy

So many leagues self-destruct due to the so-called 'derby drama'. Drama about who said what to who, who is friends with who, who saw who where and when and blah, blah, blah. The Oz Roller Derby does not allow or condone drama in any form. A strict 'No-Drama Policy' is enforced throughout the league.  The policies of this league are clear and will be given to you upon membership.

  • Comply with Published League Policies

It's pretty common for a roller derby league to be formed and exist for some number of years with just a few people in the league being aware of the league's governing policies. This sets the stage for the league to be controlled by a clique of a select few members. Oz Roller Derby will not be another one of those 'secretive' leagues. The league policies will always be published and available to ALL league members. This ensures that everything the league does is above-board and in the open for all to see.